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    Antistatic agent

    1,2,4-Triazolo[4,3-a] pyridine-3(H)-ONE

    Antioxidant Tz516

    Oil additives Tz416

    Sz716 Full Synthetic high-temperature...

    High temperature-synthetic, Fundamen...

    Low temperature(cold zone)-synthetic...

    n-Valeric acid (Pentanoic acid)

    n-Capoic acid (Hexanoic acid)

    n-Oenanthic acid , (Heptanoic ...



    No.1 Dongji Road, Shenjia Development Zone, Quzhou Zhejiang Province, China
    Post Code: 324022
    International Trade
    Domestic Trade
    Ms. Qiu TEL:+86-570-2386611
    Mr. jin TEL:+86-570-2336388

    On JUN. 1th,2008,Quzhou hengshun chemical industrial co.,ltd sucessfully submitted REACH Preregistration,we boast we are the world's first REACH preregistered enterprise ,It indicates we are the virtual leader in our preregistered products.

    Many thanks to CIRS(Chemical Inspection & Regulation Service Limited),who did an excellent job with us.(About CIRS)

    We are so grateful that many administration organizations and express medias offered us positive comments and reports.


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